’s Green Initiative

As an analyst, I heard a lot of talk from some vendors (who will remain nameless) about the importance of philanthropy, giving back…etc. But Google, who I am sometimes critical of, has actually been doing rather than simply giving.

The latest out of has the company seeking affordable, renewable sources of energy. In an industry known for energy consumption, this is pretty important stuff. Sure, it’s not saving starving children, but in an indirect way, it may help the planet in far more reaching ways.

And yes, this “philanthropic” act may surely be just as self-serving as the other vendors flapping about giving 1% of their time to charities: Google needs to go green — we all do — and it wants to do it profitably. But as we have seen, greener energies may be renewable but so far have not come cheap. But while this may be self-interest, at least it is enlightened self-interest. All of the businesses, especially here in the valley, should be thinking about more responsible ways of cutting costs and energy use.