The Future of Open Source

Just like CRM over the past couple of years, it appears that open source concepts are starting to take root at the university level, and now even at the pre-college level. I came across this interesting CNET blog about a contest that Google announced Wednesday to get students who haven’t started college interested in open source programming. To boot, the contest has the support of such noteworthy open source organizations like Apache and Joomla.

I for one commend the initiative, as the CRM industry has benefited tremendously from vendors such as SAS and others opening their software and industry best practices to business schools throughout the country. Executive CRM programs at institutions like Baylor University laid the foundation years ago for the reverberating impact that CRM practices are having on corporate America today. Marketing and sales organizations are better off because of it, and I’m sure the same will be said of open source years from now thanks to Google-like initiatives as well.