Now I Have no Excuse for not Returning Emails

I am warming up more and more to JetBlue. After moving to California and making all my elite status and flyer miles from Continental all but obsolete, JetBlue has been a nice find — roomy seats, satellite TV (which came in handy when watching my Eagles knock the smug grin off Tom Brady’s face, even if for only a few quarters), reasonable fares, a clear-cut rewards program (though I hate that rewards expire and its hard to ever find an open reward spot), etc. Ultimately, they seem to “get” what their customers want, and do a good job of providing consistent, transparent service.

But I don’t know how I feel about their latest addition. Time magazine just reported that the carrier will now allow Blackberry access on select flights. The rationale is that while full web browsing would be too costly, they are serving 90% of business travelers’ need allowing IM and email. But for me, I kind of like the downtime of being on a cross-country flight. I can choose to work a bit, offline, without interruption or getting sidetracked by an email marked URGENT!!!

Now, if I had full web access, and could manage my fantasy football starts and sits, that would be a different story…