Posted in January 2008

Recession Bound, J.C. Penney Does it the Right Way

Echoing my colleague’s comments yesterday, I read an interview today in the Wall Street Journal with J.C. Penney’s CEO, Myron “Mike” Ullman III (what a name). JCPenney is planning to merge the buying and marketing operations for stores and online sales this year, cutting as many as 200 jobs and preparing for a possible recession … Continue reading

CRM Still a “Diasppointment” – Why?

A recent Forrester Research report from Bill Band, who is a bright guy and whom I respect a lot as an analyst, surveyed a bunch of businesses. A strong percentage said they found their CRM implementations disappointing in four key areas – marketing, customer analytics, customer service and indirect sales. Now, there was no mention … Continue reading

Bill Says Farewell to England

Today, in his final visit to England as chairman of Microsoft, Gates addressed an audience of decision-makers on the subject of hosted software, and CRM in particular. Immediately after Gates’ speech, the company “officially” launched Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, which was actually announced on January 2. During his presentation, Gates argued that “hosted software will … Continue reading

Outsourcing Your CRM…What the $%#@?

So, going over the CRM stories of the day, and Destination CRM (the news site of CRM Magazine that Colin wrote for and I managed years ago) had an interesting article on Sears outsourcing its CRM operations. Huh? This is stupid on so, so many levels. And I know Sears is not in the best … Continue reading

Silver Lining in Open Source Cloud Computing?

Matt Asay, who I read every day, blogged about how “Cloud Computing” might inhibit open source’s future development. On this point I disagree. I think that the “cloud” concept, when used in a truly open manner – which will hopefully happen, will drive open source innovation. Sure, companies like are co-opting the term – … Continue reading

SOA and Open Source

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the growing importance of SOA and newer, more flexible middleware options for use within the enterprise. Recent acquisitions have certainly highlighted this, such as Oracle’s purchase of BEA systems just a few weeks ago, Sun Microsystem’s acquisition of MySQL, and just yesterday SpringSource’s procurement of Covalent (see below). … Continue reading

SpringSource Buys Covalent…Taps for the Open Source Market?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about open source acquisitions and today has proven no different. Just two weeks after Sun Microsystems gobbled up MySQL, SpringSource, an open source enterprise application player, acquired Covalent Technologies for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition brings together two open source market leaders and addresses widespread demand for a … Continue reading

Enterprise 2.0

Forrester Research has issued a new report on the increasing importance of Web 2.0 technology within the enterprise. In a nutshell, the report, entitled “Top Enterprise Web 2.0 Predictions for 2008,” predicts that the deployment of tools like blogs, wikis, and social networking within the enterprise was a growing force in the software market in … Continue reading