Outsourcing Your CRM…What the $%#@?

So, going over the CRM stories of the day, and Destination CRM (the news site of CRM Magazine that Colin wrote for and I managed years ago) had an interesting article on Sears outsourcing its CRM operations.


This is stupid on so, so many levels. And I know Sears is not in the best of financial shape. But when you are having trouble with attracting customers, the LAST thing you want to do is create potential inconsistencies for the ones that are still loyal to you.

I’m just amazed the things that occur in this world in the name of “cost synergies.”

“And don’t leave this corner until you learn to value your customers while you still have them…”

One thought on “Outsourcing Your CRM…What the $%#@?

  1. If Sears keeps messing up, and subsequently goes bankrupt, I will be happy. Because it means that I will no longer be asked, “Would you like to open a Sears charge card?” every time I visit the Astor Place K-Mart. It’s sad enough that I have to shop there. Asking if I want a Sears card only makes me feel like an 80-year-old woman pushing a stroller filled with plastic bags, blankets, and memories of her youth. Maybe I’m the only one.

    As one of Colin’s former coworkers at ITI, I think this site needs more candid photos of C.B. We don’t see him that much anymore, but I still remember his leather bomber jacket (note: it did not attract women). Also, COLIN – Lenny killed your plant. Sorry.

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