Posted in February 2008

Notes From the Enterprise Segment

I’ve had some thoughts on recent news within the enterprise software segment that I’ve been waiting to blog about, and today seemed as good a day as ever. Feel free to provide your feedback. – I came across this press release put out by SAP. It’s essentially useless, as it’s simply more smack in the … Continue reading

CRM is still a Huge Market…Who knew?

Well, we talk about the billions in potential CRM revenues, IDC performs deep market analysis, Gartner and others talk about where the gaps still lie, etc. But the best way to really understand how huge the TOTAL market for CRM is these days, just go out and talk to people starting and running new businesses. … Continue reading

The Advantages of SaaS in an Open Source Model

I had a phone call today with a SugarCRM customer who has deployed Sugar On-Demand in a big way. About halfway through the discussion, the chitchat sidetracked into a discussion about the advantages of linking open source with software-as-a-service (SaaS). The IT manager I was speaking with made a great point about the advantages of … Continue reading

Fuddie Award Nominee #2 –

A few months back I wrote about some FUD documents that came across my desk from NetSuite. It was, overall, a poorly put together document, out of date, etc. So, I guess I should not have been surprised when a prospect sent over a similar document from But in a way I was surprised, … Continue reading

Recession Bound, CRM Will Buck the Trend

A new Gartner survey has found that 44 percent of respondents expect their budget for CRM initiatives to increase this year, while another 30 percent expect their budgets to hold steady. Despite the talk of an impending recession, CRM initiatives remain a high priority among technology projects, driven by the move to become more customer-centric, … Continue reading

The “Social Customer” Concept is Catching On…Be Ready

OK, when BusinessWeek starts writing articles about how the new customer centricity will affect businesses, you know it has hit the mainstream. The latest issue has a lot of articles about social media, blogs, etc. and their potential to alter brand awareness and revenue… There are a lot of companies already braced for the 2.0 … Continue reading

Sugar, Sun and the Scalability of Web Apps…

A few months ago I worked with SugarCRM co-founder and CTO Jacob Taylor on a technical white paper that exhibited a lot of the performance and scalability capabilities of SugarCRM. It was a great learning experience and a great way to show how scalable SugarCRM is as a PHP-based application. Too many people still hold … Continue reading

CRM: A Dying Buzzword?

A former colleague of mine forwarded me this post, in which author Geoffrey James argues that CRM is a dying buzzword. After reading the post I was horrified, primarily because it represents a horrific misunderstanding of what CRM is, and also because it’s commentary like this why some businesses continue to wallow amongst the old-school … Continue reading