Open Source Apps and Upgrades

Matt Asay raised some interesting questions in his blog this weekend, regarding SugarCRM and how easy it is for the community to upgrade given the high customization capabilities…so I think it garners a quick explanation since there are a lot of SugarCRM observers still learning the exact solution design, etc. (I also posted most of this as a comment on Matt’s blog but felt inclined to add it here as well.)

At SugarCRM a great part of our value is the 60,000+ community behind the SugarCRM offerings. These members of the community perform great QA, beta testing, etc., and of course create the hundreds of extensions posted at which boost the value of the CRM solution as well.

One of the major decisions made early on in the development cycle of SugarCRM was to make sugar a platform/module CRM system. This means the extensions and functionality essentially sit on top of the core platform. This means that as long as the basic platform versions are the same (and many Sugar users tend to keep current in terms of core version/platform) then the extensions will upgrade along with the version.

This design vision is what allows Sugar 5.0 to be so flexible and offer such deep customization capabilities – namely Module Builder. Think about it, without a simple plug and play application platform underneath, users would not be able to create custom, yet 100% upgrade safe modules from scratch using Sugar business logic – even in a SaaS environment!

Sugar understands the amazing value our community and users give to the solutions and the culture of Sugar in general. Thus, we have invested significantly in making the customization, and subsequent upgrades of those customizations, as seamless and worry-free as possible.