Sugar, Sun and the Scalability of Web Apps…

A few months ago I worked with SugarCRM co-founder and CTO Jacob Taylor on a technical white paper that exhibited a lot of the performance and scalability capabilities of SugarCRM. It was a great learning experience and a great way to show how scalable SugarCRM is as a PHP-based application. Too many people still hold on to the ridiculous notion that PHP is not as scalable as other development options. (You’re all 100% wrong…sorry.)

So, when Sun performed some scalability tests for SugarCRM, it was refreshing to see others see the same kinds of scalability and performance. The conclusion of the test sums it up nicely:

In our tests we found that the Sun’s Coolthreads server can scale to large number of concurrent users on a single server running both SugarCRM and MySQL. There is not much performance impact if the MySQL is run inside Solaris Containers vs running it in the global zone along with SugarCRM. At 700 concurrent user load we only saw 15% of the network bandwidth used and still left with enough cpu cycles. Sun’s Coolthreads server does scale well with the SAMP stack based applications more specifically SugarCRM and MySQL database.

Pretty cool…Sun is fast becoming THE open source company. I like how much Jonathan understands the way open source can and should work in a commercial entity like Sun. (And his defense of open source in his recent blog – which mentions SugarCRM as a leading provider – doesn’t hurt either…)