Posted in March 2008

IT, Meet the iPhone

This article in today’s Wall Street Journal raises some interesting caveats and opportunities presented with the adoption of the iPhone within corporate America. When first released, the iPhone was simply too expensive for American businesses to adopt as a sound alternative to the Blackberry. But despite security concerns, adoption remains high, and represents a perfect … Continue reading

BA-d Timing of a New Terminal

Just saw that British Airways is continuing to have major issues with its new Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport – canceling hundreds of flights and leaving passengers stranded or simply without an available flight option. Bad CRM, of course. But even worse is the timing. Sure, there is never a 100% optimal time to try … Continue reading

What is a Social Network, Anyway?

It’s a very busy Friday here at SugarCRM HQ, as usual. End of quarter and things are buzzing…good to see… But what grabbed me enough to take time out from end of quarter stuff  was something I saw on my good friend Paul Greenberg’s blog about some IDC data on social networks, mainly this factoid: … Continue reading

Waste Management’s $100m Waste Problem

I saw on CNet that Waste management is suing SAP for what it deems a $100m “complete failure” of a CRM/ERP deployment. This is scary in a lot of ways. First, a successful CRM initiative is not 100% about technology, and the vendor and customer need to work together to make the initiative a success. … Continue reading

2013: The End of IT Departments as We Know It?

According to this article, Nasstar CEO Charles Black says that by 2013 Web-based applications in the workplace will make IT departments redundant. Specifically, Black states: “IT has become a utility. And in the same way that companies do not have a chief electricity officer to help people plug in and power their devices, so … Continue reading

OSBC Takeaways – Day One

I am writing from the beginning of day 2 of the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) but wanted to relay my take on the first day of the conference overall. The OSBC is now really ABOUT the BUSINESS of open source. Years ago, this was more about “How can open source penetrate the enterprise?” and … Continue reading

EnterpriseDB Cashes In Courtesy of IBM

EnterpriseDB today announced that it has secured $10 million in Series C funding, which includes backing from IBM. With a total of $37.5 million in funding to date, the company certainly isn’t hurting for cash. Nor is it hurting for competition, as CEO Andy Astor has made it perfectly clear that it intends to go … Continue reading

SugarCRM Representin’ at the OSBC

Making final preparations for the OSBC…and looking over the event, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on, much of which SugarCRM has its hands in – in some form or another. Our fearless leader John Roberts will be rapping about open source with some other open source bigwigs like Marten and Mickos Mark Shuttleworth … Continue reading