The U.S. Navy is All [Aboard] for Open Source

The United States Navy is going to start acquiring only software systems based on open technologies and standards, according to The primary reason being to control the costs of its IT operations. Vice Adm. Mark Edwards, deputy chief of naval operations for communications, had this to say:

“The days of proprietary technology must come to an end. We will no longer accept systems that couple hardware, software, and data. We can’t accept the increasing costs of maintaining our present-day capabilities. In the civilian marketplace, it’s just the opposite. Some private-sector concerns are cutting their costs by 90 percent while expanding their performance.”

While I’m sure some big-name CEO’s might disagree with Edwards later comments, his reasoning speaks to exactly why open source adoption is soaring amongst government and government-funded entities, whether it be the military, municipalities, or agencies.

The future of the U.S. Navy could look very much like ships such as these leveraging open source technology: