CRM 2.0??? Or, Crawl Before You Can Walk…

It has been a rough weekend, so coming in and reading my Google alerts put me in a mood…

I have been seeing a lot of very smart analysts and other observers talk about “CRM 2.0” a lot these days. The consensus is that CRM 1.0 was about internal processes that “face” the customer, while CRM 2.0 enables interactions between the “social customer” to be tracked within a CRM system.


But…there are thousands, and I mean many thousands, of organizations large and small that have yet to understand, master or even deploy a successful CRM 1.0 system, for lack of a better term. So, I think it is dangerous to depict the added capabilities of the web, social media, etc. as a wholesale move away from how people can and should think about CRM. You simply cannot ignore the vast importance of what we may now call a traditional CRM system. The web 2.0 capabilities are nice additions, but really, I still heartily believe that the core functionality of a sales, marketing and service software package trump the niceties of social networking, blogs and wikis…

It is pretty simple to staple on some web widgets to a CRM system with a modern architecture. So, rather than call this a “2.0” kind of thing, let’s call it augmented CRM.

Companies should be focusing on the hard parts of CRM – the software backbone and the culture of customer-centricity, rather than a few cool bells and whistles. Automating critical business processes should take precedence in my mind.

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