How do People Really See Open Source in the Enterprise?

I saw on Zach Urlocker’s blog that North Bridge Venture Partners, which has backed its share of open source startups, is issuing a survey on the future of open source. The results will be revealed at a panel at the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC), a panel on which SugarCRM’s own CEO John Roberts will be sitting.

It makes me wonder what kind of questions the survey should and will include (I haven’t seen it).

Because really, the “future” of open source is now, so to speak. As open source components seep into every pore of the technology universe, how will open source be so easy to differentiate from traditional software?

That said, I do think there is a lag in terms of executives understanding of what open source means as a development model versus a business model, as well as the effect, or lack thereof, of open source on existing IT stacks.

I hope this survey will shed some light on the relative IQ of IT decision makers when it comes to open source’s penetration at levels above the database layer.