SugarCRM and the “Socialprise”

The social web, social customer, etc. talk is not subsiding when it comes to CRM. While I may seem a bit weary of all this talk, especially with so little substance behind it for the most part, I was glad to see some movement in the right direction today.

InsideView, which offers a freemium approach with its software, has integrated with SugarCRM (more on that here), and the product brings the “socialprise” concept to CRM. Essentially, what this means is that social relationships, networks etc., can extend into and augment the sales process. This is nothing new (how many times has “who” trumped “what” in a sales deal?).

But InsideView combined with the power of a platform like SugarCRM, that means that users can store this uncovered relationship capital in a single system. And, with SugarCRM powering the sales process, the knowledge gained from social networks, external media, and any other of the 20,000 sources InsideView scours can be injected into the pipeline and process at the RIGHT TIME. IndsideView gets all this pretty well – and their CMO Rand Schulman know how to mine relationship capital and leverage the web for intelligence (Rand is a good friend, a web analytics pioneer, and one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to new media).

This goes back to what I was saying the other day. B2B CRM 2.0 is about mechanizing all of this social media out there, making it work within the confines of the enterprise. There has to be some order to it all…

For some more interesting thoughts on all this, check out Paul Greenberg’s blog.

But in all, products like InsideView can make the mess of social network mapping, which can be and usually is this complex:


A little easier to integrate, navigate and mine for value…