Google Continues to Leave Yahoo and Microsoft Behind

Google continues to extend its lead in the search market, as the results from comScore’s latest report show: Yahoo’s shares slipped from 22.2 percent to 21.6 while Microsoft’s fell to 9.6 percent from 9.8. Google’s rose to 59.2 percent.

It’s bad enough that Microsoft is looking to purchase Yahoo purely for market share (a move I think that is destined for failure), but it’s also hoping to strengthen its position against Google in the broader field of online services. But as I pointed out yesterday, and as Matt Asay mentioned in his blog today, the next generation of online services will be driven by open standards-based software.

Google has embraced that concept, Microsoft…not really. The fruits of any potential acquisition of Yahoo that Microsoft would receive would be negligible. Redmond should be focusing on altering their fundamental software strategies from within…a purchase of Yahoo would simply detract from that.