The Military is a Great CRM 2.0 Test Market

A friend of mine was reporting back to me from VoiceCon and was telling me about something IBM and Forterra were working on called Bable Bridge. At first, I thought she was joking – but apparently IBM is investing big into the concept. See more here.

The Babel Bridge concept (not to be confused with and import/export technology tools of a similar name) will be a unified communications concept for the intelligence field, and will basically utilize virtual worlds (a la Second Life) to create simplified meeting and collaboration.

While the Babel Bridge concept may not be geared towards active duty military, I think the military is a great test market for web 2.0 and new CRM technologies for selling/recruiting.

Think about it – what a great, young and usually tech savvy industry (for lack of a better term). Reaching the members of the military in meaningful and relevant ways can teach marketers and sales teams great lessons on reaching and sustaining an audience in the 2.0 world.

The military itself seems to be hip to this concept. After all, they have been recruiting with video games and other methods that tell me they understand their audience for a while now.


A view of some scary, but smartly targeted marketing.