SugarCRM and the Customer Feedback Loop

As an analyst, I saw a lot of tools pop up in the last few years attempting to automate the process of compiling and providing analysis of customer feedback. It makes sense. After all, a CRM initiative should involve automation of sales, marketing and service, but ideally it should also be able to leverage tools to “keep a finger on the pulse” of how customers view the organization. All too often, CRM helps sales and solves problems, but doesn’t understand the opinions of those that do not need help or additional products sold to them.

But a lot of the feedback tools I saw were isolated systems, so the date stored in them results in a silo of useful, but not well integrated data in terms of adding intelligence to the organization on a regular basis, or throughout the sales,marketing and support cycles.

A new company coming out of Israel, Kampyle tries to integrate feedback into the CRM processes seamlessly. A TechCrunch blogger writes a nice review – including how it can be integrated with a product like SugarCRM.

SugarCRM is becoming more and more of an overarching platform for all kinds of customer-facing issues, as well as non-customer processes. This is just another great example.


Above, the simple feedback gathering UI of Kampyle

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