SugarCRM Representin’ at the OSBC

Making final preparations for the OSBC…and looking over the event, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on, much of which SugarCRM has its hands in – in some form or another.

Our fearless leader John Roberts will be rapping about open source with some other open source bigwigs like Marten and Mickos Mark Shuttleworth on Tuesday at 10:30 in a panel called: The Future of Open Source: Exploring the Investments, Innovations, Applications, Opportunities and Threats

My associate Chris Harrick will also be discussing how we do business in an open source world on Wednesday at 3PM in a panel called: Converting the Open Source Lead Funnel

Also – and this is probably the coolest part – SugarCRM is hosting a not-so-secret but very awesome event on Tuesday evening. If you’ve already heard about it and want to be involved – drop me an email and I’ll send you RSVP information.

And of course, if I see some cool stuff, I will blog away when possible…