OSBC Takeaways – Day One

I am writing from the beginning of day 2 of the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) but wanted to relay my take on the first day of the conference overall.

The OSBC is now really ABOUT the BUSINESS of open source. Years ago, this was more about “How can open source penetrate the enterprise?” and is now about “What ares will open source penetrate next?” which I think is a great progression.

I like that there are some user-side presentations and discussions. While identifying the providers that are commercializing open source further, the real measurement will always be – how much open source software is actually being utilized in mission critical or highly scaled production environments.

The economy is top of mind – everywhere – but also here. Open source is not 100% recession-proof, and I get the feeling everyone here understands that. The commercial open source providers that also own the IP should be better set to weather the storm, as it were, in my opinion.

Finally, the SugarCRM-sponsored evening event on the Adventure Cat sailboat was a load of fun. Everyone had a great time, and the wind was brisk so we had a great ride through the bay. I’ll try to put some pictures up later.

Oh, one last thing…is it me, or are open source people dressing better these days? I have not seen one pair of Birkenstocks or camouflage  cargo pants in the bunch…