2013: The End of IT Departments as We Know It?

According to this ComputerWeekly.com article, Nasstar CEO Charles Black says that by 2013 Web-based applications in the workplace will make IT departments redundant. Specifically, Black states:

“IT has become a utility. And in the same way that companies do not have a chief electricity officer to help people plug in and power their devices, so the costly overhead of IT management will be replaced by a simple plug-and-play approach over the Internet.”

There’s no disputing SaaS’ inherent fallout on the way businesses consume and operate their mission-critical software. But the vast majority of businesses, and nearly all enterprise-sized organizations, still prefer and will always prefer (for at least the foreseeable future), to house, manage, and run mission-critical applications themselves. The rapidly increasing pace at which open source and open standards-based software is being adopted is to help thank for that. While you could never underestimate the advantages that a hosted model brings to a business environment when the situation calls for it, do you think that IT departments will ever become as simple as having an Internet connection? Maybe sometime in the next 100 years, but by 2013…I seriously doubt it.

What businesses are looking for is shear flexibility…flexibility that lies outside the realm of just Web-based platforms. What businesses are looking for is the reassurance of being able to do what they want with their software, when they want to do, and in a manner, or model, they want to do it in.