IT, Meet the iPhone

This article in today’s Wall Street Journal raises some interesting caveats and opportunities presented with the adoption of the iPhone within corporate America.

When first released, the iPhone was simply too expensive for American businesses to adopt as a sound alternative to the Blackberry. But despite security concerns, adoption remains high, and represents a perfect example how consumer technologies are now influencing the way in which businesses adopt new technologies.

I for one use a Blackberry, and have never been all that keen to purchasing an iPhone, though I understand the “cool” factor associated with buying one. The few times I’ve demoed one, I’ve been very impressed with its simply, intuitive design and user interface, and certainly understand its appeal to mainstream America. Its large screen size and full-fledged Web browser can’t be topped by anything on the market.

But as the article points out, it all revolves around integration, and while many business application providers are now tailoring their software solutions to become “Mac mobile,” there are still some major hurdles, such as the ones bulleted below, before IT departments globally will start to adopt these phones as mainstream alternatives to Blackberry’s and PDAs.

But in the meantime, it will fun to watch the continued fallout from the adoption of consumer products such as these on IT departments worldwide.