The CRM-ish Space Proving Fruitful for Open Source Startups

SugarCRM surprised a lot of people with its ability to create a scalable and highly viable financial model in the CRM space using an open source manufacturing process.

It seems others are catching on in the areas that CRM touches on a daily basis, or at least should in the most ideal CRM deployments.

Matt Asay made a nice list on his blog today about some of the hot shot startups.  Here they are:

  • Acquia – Drupal-based social/web content management company
  • Ringside Networks – Social networking platform/application server
  • Loopfuse – Marketing automation
  • Projity – Microsoft Project competitor

All of these have CRM implications. And of course there are ERP startups like Compiere and OpenMFG etc. But it is good to see that good ideas, like the one SugarCRM took and ran with, are catching on in a major way…