Posted in March 2008

SugarCRM and the Open Source Call Center

Some more good news out of last weeks VoiceCon… Digium has made even more progress in integrating SugarCRM into its open source Asterisk-based call center and telephony tools. Great Stuff… I don’t think enough attention has been paid to the way open source can and will affect the call center universe. Think about it – … Continue reading

Lexus: Revving Up Multichannel Marketing

There are lots of reasons to love New York City, but one of my favorites is the New York International Car Show, which I attended this weekend. I’ve been going for nearly 10 years, and in addition to the sites and sounds of big blocks and concept cars, I’ve always taken an interest in watching … Continue reading

SugarCRM and the Customer Feedback Loop

As an analyst, I saw a lot of tools pop up in the last few years attempting to automate the process of compiling and providing analysis of customer feedback. It makes sense. After all, a CRM initiative should involve automation of sales, marketing and service, but ideally it should also be able to leverage tools … Continue reading

I’ll Pass on PaaS Without Open Standards

There’s been a lot of recent talk within the blogosphere taking note of the emerging Web-based, platform battle emerging between and Microsoft. Dan Farber talked about in his blog yesterday. While I’ll leave the potential landmine that is Benioff and Ray Ozzie slugging it out to other bloggers, I thought Dave Rosenberg brought up … Continue reading

Bear Stearns, the Recession, and the CRM Marketplace

While conducting some market research this morning, I came across a Gartner study that speaks to the recent news surrounding the Bear Stearns collapse and plight our economy is entering, if it hasn’t already done so. The survey found that 44 percent of respondents expect their budget for CRM initiatives to increase this year, while … Continue reading

SugarCRM and the “Socialprise”

The social web, social customer, etc. talk is not subsiding when it comes to CRM. While I may seem a bit weary of all this talk, especially with so little substance behind it for the most part, I was glad to see some movement in the right direction today. InsideView, which offers a freemium approach … Continue reading