Posted in April 2008

IT and the iPhone

The iPhone has been receiving a lot of attention lately from IT departments, and a recent article in the Wall Street Journal raised some interesting points about the adoption of the iPhone within corporate America. I for one use a Blackberry, and have never been all the keen on purchasing an iPhone. When first released, … Continue reading

Sugar 5.1 – Lots of Cool Stuff!

So, Sugar released some new features to Beta today. This is not as big a feature/platform release as Sugar 5.0 in December, it does extend that platform in some very cool ways. For one, the reporting is really cooking in Sugar now. Dare I say, it is best-in-class when it comes to packaged CRM apps. … Continue reading

Loyalty Vs. Lock-In

With the economic downturn the country is now facing, my blogger-in-crime raised some interesting points that got me thinking: Loyalty versus lock-in; does low price and lock-in ensure customer loyalty, or can value-based offerings truly ensure that a customer, whose IT department is looking to cut costs, stick with a CRM vendor? The question speaks … Continue reading

We’re so Money and We Don’t Even Know it Yet…

Paul Greenberg is a guy I trust, even if he likes to bust my chops every now and again. So, when he tells me things, I tend to listen. We have been having some great conversations, which will become part of a multi-part webcast series I will post on the SugarCRM site. But anyway, Paul … Continue reading

The State of the English Call Center (Centre?)

While finishing up some work in my hotel room in London before taking off back to the US, I watched an interesting documentary on BBC about “phone rage” and the lives of call center workers in the UK. While the usual humor of hearing recordings of frustrated and expletive-shouting customers was there, more important was … Continue reading

Artificial Abundance? I Don’t Think So

Blogger Hank Williams has an interesting post in his excellently titled blog “Why Does Everything Suck” detailing the challenges that “free” presents to many of the Internet and software-based business models that have prevailed for the prior 30 years. William’s thesis is that there are not enough ad dollars to support free models and equates … Continue reading

SugarCRM On the Move…Literally

Matt Asay made a nice callout yesterday to an announcement that DataSync made: full BlackBerry support for Zimbra and SugarCRM. Customers of SugarCRM will now be able to leverage DataSync to look up contacts, log cases, and track accounts on a BlackBerry. The announcement is a testament to the growing momentum we’re experiencing, with more … Continue reading

SugarCRM and the “Ah-ha!” Moment

I have spent the last two days with BT and some of their small business customers here in London. It has been a GREAT learning experience in terms of CRM in general, and how people come to SugarCRM and its value proposition. Many times in a marketing department, you’re a bit divorced from the actual … Continue reading

SugarCRM in the Hunt With Salesforce, Microsoft

Joshua Greenbaum wrote an interesting blog yesterday underscoring the brewing battle between and Microsoft, which recently announced general availability of its on-demand CRM application to its North American subscribers. Greenbaum highlighted a number of interesting paying points for Dynamics CRM Online, including being able to match or beat in features/functionality, beat it in … Continue reading

SugarCRM and BT – A Perfect Match for UK SMBs

I am in London for a big announcement. SugarCRM is partnering with BT – the UK’s largest communications provider. BT will be selling SugarCRM into its base of 1.2 Million small and midsized businesses. It’s a great alliance, for a lot of reasons. First, it proves that the commercial open source model works. SugarCRM has … Continue reading