SMS and the customer experience..Where does SugarCRM fit in?

I just saw a cool story about Amazon allowing its users with accounts to buy things simply by texting the UPC or ISBN number to the SMS address “Amazon.”

The really killer notion here is that users could text to buy while inside a brick and mortar store and compare prices, etc.

This is really going the extra mile when it comes to customer relationships. I think we will see more of this as SMS becomesmore and more a trusted and de facto channel for communications.

So, how can a company like SugarCRM aid companies looking to tackle SMS CRM? (Can we get a few more letters into that?)

Well, we’re working on it, that’s for sure. I have actually been working with one of our crack engineers (big ups to Julian – one of the first employees here at SugarCRM and a wizard when it comes to all things Sugar) and he has built up a lot of cool integrations with SMS platform providers.  More on that in the coming months…

But for now, think about this…SMS can be injected into typical CRM scenarios in very simple ways. For example, customers can text their case number to the SugarCRM users’ SMS address and receive real time support case or order status data. Or, updates or other company-branded messaging can be sent via text to key customers as part of unified multi-channel marketing messages.

The possibilities are myriad, really. And we are just at the beginning of exploiting these in the SugarCRM ecosystem…so stay tuned, some cool stuff is in the offing.