File Under: SugarCRM Conspiracy Theories…

OK, this is good. I have been emailing a bit with David Sims at TMCNet who writes a lot about open source and CRM. We were talking about how the “relative open source movement” in the music business (read: piracy and digital downloads replacing CD sales) makes a lot of band’s popularity hard to measure. David gave a great example of R.E.M.’s seeming decline in popularity through an album sales analysis on his First Coffee blog, and I countered that through iTunes, Limewire, live shows and word of mouth, R.E.M. are as popular as ever – just maybe not providing record companies with large returns (fine by me!).

Short of restructuring the Billboard ranking process, we agreed it is an imperfect way to judge a band’s success…

But I just saw a great piece by Sims relating our CRMAcceleration events paralleled to the career of R.E.M. Here’s the full text.

Nice analysis…and David, in case you weren’t at our SugarCon event, the Sugar band (of which I am a member) sang “It’s The End of the World As We Know It.” …just to add some fuel to the conspiracy fire…

REM I knew these guys liked open source, now here’s proof…

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