Maybe they’ll Make a Scotch-Flavored Candy Bar…

Busy day here at SugarHQ…some major announcements brewing and much to do around that – everyone is excited. But some random thoughts did pop up…

As I was rummaging through my Google alerts and saw that Glenfiddich hired a new agency, Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw, to outsource their CRM initiatives. Usually I dislike when companies outsource CRM, but a lot of times, the advertising, branding and other creative involved with CRM in the B2C world means a firm must harness the creative that lives outside the company.

We do that here in many ways with open source – following the “we is smarter than me” philosophy.

Off to meet and greet with our partner InsideView at their launch party in a few – I like their “socialprise” concept and what it brings to SugarCRM’s ecosystem and am looking to learn more about InsideView’s plans to augment CRM processes with web and internal unstructured data at the event.

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