Android: an Open Source “Dream,” or Platform Proliferation Nightmare?

A lot of reports are coming out that Google’s Android open source mobile operating platform is more than ready for prime time, with some heavy hitters like HTC quietly announcing phones that will run on Android.

I like that Google is looking to be disruptive – and open up the mobile market. But in the U.S. there is the problem of too many providers, too many platforms, too many networks, etc. Unified communications – between individuals,inside organizations, and between companies – is nearly impossible given the proliferation of mobile platforms. For example, a lot of the ways my associates with iPhones communicate is not available to me on my Blackberry, and vice versa. Annoying when you’re an east coast “2 seconds is too long to wait!!!” person like myself.

I don’t have answers to problems of U.S. mobile incompatibility – short of a major rethink and establishment of global mobile standards. But it is not totally out of the question. In CRM, we are seeing the generic internet become the backbone for all applications – led by advancements in PHP and the LAMP stack in general. So, it is not crazy to think that mobile providers will start to get on the same page…