Scalr’s Framework for Open Source Success

I’ve come across yet another great example of open source and cloud computing. A colleague of mine today forwarded me some info about Scalr, an open source framework that allows you to have a hosting environment via Amazon’s EC2.

Scalr uses Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to let users create a server farm via a Web-based interface. It promises to be a “redundant, self-curing, and self-scaling” network, according to the company. Intridea, the developer of Scalr, says the application was

“Designed with flexibility in mind, users can further customize each type of machine to use as nodes in their server farm or customize a generic base image for any number of purposes. The application monitors and maintains the server farm by reconfiguring the entire cluster when machines fail or when new machines are inserted. Additionally Scalr can be setup to replace failed machines and scale up and down based on user configured thresholds. The application provides a simple web-based interface for configuring and monitoring your server farms.

All great examples that speak to why open source is typically installed.