Obama, CRM, and the Presidential Election

I’ve read a lot about Barak Obama’s new approach to campaigning to encourage constituent feedback and participation, and how he’s using Web 2.0 and CRM to help drive support. But a recent post by Web 2.0 blogger Bill Ives stood out.

Obama has flipped the old-school, top-down approach to campaigning upside down, and has taken a grassroots, bottom-to-top approach that’s married online communities and Web 2.0 technology with field operations. As Simon Rosenberg, president of Democratic think tank NDN, said in Ives’ blog:

“It’s light-years ahead of where we were four years ago. They’ll have 100,000 people in a state who have signed up on their Web site and put in their zip code. Now, paid organizers can get in touch with people at the precinct level and help them build the organization bottom up. That’s never happened before. It never was possible before.”

More specifically, Obama’s campaign has used Web analytics, blog rolls, posts, keyword searches, etc., to better understand the concern of voters in different regions of the country…and thus allowing for more targeted marketing and voter feedback.

So imagine that, a government employee who’s picked up on an emerging sociological and technological trend faster than the private sector. That alone says I should vote for Obama…though we’ll see. But Ives perhaps hits it on the head, at least for our purposes, when he states, “Imagine a fortune 500 CEO with this approach and what they could accomplish.”