SugarCRM and the Open Healthcare Revolution

I am putting the finishing touches on our 2008 CRM Acceleration series – kicking off in Atlanta this Thursday, so things, as always are busy as can be at SugarHQ. The Acceleration events are great ways for people new to CRM and SugarCRM to learn a lot about how to run your business more effectively, leveraging the power of SugarCRM to automate and optimize key processes. We will be hitting some great cities – NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Toronto, DC, Chicago, etc. so I invite everyone to come out and say hi.

Anyway…back to over-analyzing the CRM universe…

Was checking out my usual blogroll and saw some cool stuff in the 451 Group’s always interesting blog. Matt Aslett clued me in to Open Health Tools, which is an open source initiative to create a ubiquitous repository of health information for patients and providers alike. I think this is great news – there needs to be more transparency in the healthcare industry and the power really needs to be to the people here.

A SugarCRM partner has been doing some very cool stuff in this realm. Jose Lacal, and his firm OpenPHI, have a similar concept working in South America, soon to be a global initiative I’m sure. With, HealthAlbum, patients essentially are given a complete snapshot of their medical history, and this can be taken from doctor to doctor, and updated accordingly. This allows doctor’s to better diagnose and understand pre-existing conditions, but also allows a patient access to their own information that can usually be stored in multiple silos. (And in developing countries, access to this data can be even more problematic.)

All of this cool stuff runs on SugarCRM, another example of how what was initially built as a CRM system can be extended in far-reaching and valuable ways by an active community of developers, customers and partners.