Salesforce and Google…Where’s the News?

As I’m sure many of you have already noted, and Google today announced that Google will now offer its Google Apps as part of the platform.

Well isn’t that just riveting.

With all due honesty, who uses Google Apps? Google text messaging and Maps…sure, but who leverages Google’s spreadsheets, text editor, and e-mail tools on a daily basis? And while I’m sure Google execs hope the partnership opens its offerings to the roughly 41,000 Salesforce customers, I don’t see Gmail becoming the record of choice for marketing and sales departments worldwide. Google has made these applications readily and cheaply available in years past…why would businesses start seriously considering them now?

Besides, Salesforce has bigger problems…problems that fellow blogger Fake Steve Jobs noted in his blog today. Salesforce has the bigger problem of “fighting the battles of the last decade, over and over and over again…built around a bloated, overly expensive, outdated business model, a model that comes straight out of the Nineties.”

The partnership makes sense, for no other reason that Salesforce and Google have too many synergies not to partner. But until Google gets serious about building and providing business applications, this announcement will go down as a footnote in the annals of the IT software industry.