Corporate Culture, Branding, and SugarCRM

I just got off a very long and intense call with a new reseller (I’ll have more to say soon, but for now, mum’s the word), and a lot of the discussion was about “how to identify the right SugarCRM prospect.”

Now, anyone can use SugarCRM – really. You want low cost CRM? SugarCRM is right for you. You want flexible deployment options? SugarCRM again… Oh, you need to see and modify source code? Only SugarCRM fits…

But at the same time, I have noticed – at our events, in talks with customers, etc. – that there is a bit of a culture of sorts associated with being part of the SugarCRM ecosystem.

Our CEO John Roberts describes being a “Suga” as having an “indescribable energy” and I think he’s right. Just as you can tell a Mac-head over a Windows person (and Apple has done a GREAT job of banking on this), there is a different kind of CRM user that gets fanatical about SugarCRM. These are the type of people who “get it” and “it” is a universal here. Call them cutting edge, call them cooler, whatever. The cultures that adopt SugarCRM are the types of corporations that adapt well to changing trends, identify shifts before the curve…and like to have fun (as any Sugar-sponsored event will prove).

On the other hand, we have seen proof that other CRM and software forms are simply of a wholly different culture. Take that of Microsoft, who’s attempt at being “fun and hip” is best represented with this clip:

If anyone has seen the Sugar Band – you know that these cultures are worlds apart.

And when all is said and done, what kind of culture speaks most to you?