Getting a True Sense Courtesy of an Open Source Census

I just came across this story about the launch of “The Open Source Census,” which is a new initiative by OpenLogic to get a better sense of how many and which open source solutions are being used within the enterprise. OpenLogic has provided an automated census tool called OSS Discovery that allows users to scan their computer for open source software and then upload the data to OpenLogic’s site.

I found the announcement ironic, primarily because of Jonathan Schwartz’s blog from Monday, which underscored the point that enterprises have no idea just how awash in open source software they really are.

Myself, like many others within the industry, have always questioned the accuracy of open source penetration studies by the Gartner’s and Forrester’s of the world…and have long suspected them to be higher than forecasted. But than again, that’s as much a compliment as it is an insult, because it speaks to the ease of obtainment associated with open source software.

So here’s to continued high adoption rates, and perhaps a truly accurate forecast courtesy of OpenLogic.