CRM – Not as Universal as I Thought…

Just a quick thought on CRM across the pond as I settle into my hotel here in London.

The TV doesn’t work.

Fine. This happens. So, I call the front desk and they tell me they’ll check the situation and call me back.  After a while, I get a call, and the hotel staff person explains that due to construction in the hotel, there is no TV or cable for many rooms.

Now, isn’t this something someone should have been able to tell me right off the bat, before I settled in to my room, and perhaps give me the option to get another room with a working cable system? SugarCRM uses this well-known hotel chain (names redacted to protect the not so innocent) and I have stored up a good amount of loyalty points, etc. SO, if this chain used SugarCRM, for example, they could have put in place a pop up or some other reminder that I am a valued guest and to inform me of any potential inconveniences…

I am not saying this chain has lost a customer, they haven’t – well at least for my business travel (I will try not to book this chain for personal travel), but it is interesting how some companies (and countries) simply do not get CRM. Not only am I without television (and my Hulu account wont work in the UK!), but the explanation was given without so much as an apology or offer for a room change (even though I had just checked in moments prior). I wanted to snipe to the concierge that it costs 10x more to land new customers than to retain existing ones, but caught myself before doing so…

I just hope the pub on the corner isn’t out of my favorite lager…

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