SugarCRM and BT – A Perfect Match for UK SMBs

I am in London for a big announcement. SugarCRM is partnering with BT – the UK’s largest communications provider. BT will be selling SugarCRM into its base of 1.2 Million small and midsized businesses.

It’s a great alliance, for a lot of reasons.

First, it proves that the commercial open source model works. SugarCRM has gone from zero to sixty in nanoseconds, relatively speaking. I mean, BT is not a company to take risks, and opting to resell SugarCRM shows that Sugar’s products are mature, robust and highly usable by businesses of all sizes. Awesome.

Second, it allows UK businesses access to great, cost effective CRM software that helps them gain visibility into operations and grow their business. I think a lot of us in the valley forget that a large part of the SMB space globally is pretty unaware of CRM as a software concept. With such a highly visible name like BT talking CRM, that should change in the UK.

Finally, this speaks to SugarCRM, and open source in general, as a model that goes global – fast. It is difficult for a lot of tech providers to penetrate new markets, but SugarCRM has been translated into 75 languages and is installed by users in more than 30 countries thanks to our open source manufacturing process. You simply can not deny the effectiveness of developing in the open, on a global scale.

Overall, I’m excited to see how UK businesses take SugarCRM and run with it…as an adaptive product, it will be cool to see what kinds of businesses react most favorably to our offerings.