SugarCRM and the “Ah-ha!” Moment

I have spent the last two days with BT and some of their small business customers here in London. It has been a GREAT learning experience in terms of CRM in general, and how people come to SugarCRM and its value proposition.

Many times in a marketing department, you’re a bit divorced from the actual face-to-face customer interaction.  Sales manages that – and they do it well.

But seeing these UK business owners see SugarCRM, and how it can hold so much critical information, automate processes, send out emails…the look on their faces, that “Ah-ha, THIS is what I’ve been lacking!” expression – priceless.

And it has been an ah-ha moment for me as well so far this week. There is sooo much untapped market here, globally in general, and we have begun to put an ecosystem in place that will enable businesses to finally take control. Of their data, their processes, how their customers interact with them, etc.

It’s awesome, it really is…and we’re just getting started…