SugarCRM in the Hunt With Salesforce, Microsoft

Joshua Greenbaum wrote an interesting blog yesterday underscoring the brewing battle between and Microsoft, which recently announced general availability of its on-demand CRM application to its North American subscribers.

Greenbaum highlighted a number of interesting paying points for Dynamics CRM Online, including being able to match or beat in features/functionality, beat it in price, and leverage the branding power of Microsoft to out-market the marketing king himself, Benioff.

He also notes that Microsoft offers its customers the flexibility of being able to switch between its on-demand and on-premise offerings, a key competitive differentiator that Salesforce will never have.

All in all, I agreed with most of what Greenbaum had to say, though Microsoft isn’t quite there in terms of functionality, and as others have pointed out, isn’t using a truly multi-tenant architecture to run their on-demand offerings…at least not up to the standards of the definition that has set.

But by reading through all these Microsoft paying points, I couldn’t help but think of us, SugarCRM, which many industry thought leaders have failed to realize, such as Benioff himself, offers a multi-instance, on-demand version of its software to compliment its on-premise solutions, in addition to all the other benefits that Greenbaum listed…though with the added benefit of full and free access to the source code that’s inherent to the open source model.