The State of the English Call Center (Centre?)

While finishing up some work in my hotel room in London before taking off back to the US, I watched an interesting documentary on BBC about “phone rage” and the lives of call center workers in the UK. While the usual humor of hearing recordings of frustrated and expletive-shouting customers was there, more important was the look inside operating call centers and how they were set up.

Most interesting was one for a British energy utility. Their manager seemed dead set on rising service levels – all well and good. But some of the processes were, let’s say, less than automated.

For example, instead of escalating a call through a CRM system, call agents literally held up signs like this:


and waited for a manager or higher skilled agent to come take over the call.


As I’ve said in previous posts, I always knew Europe was still a major untapped resource for SugarCRM – or any CRM vendor. But it really is amazing how many organizations with great CRM intentions could be so much further along their path with even the most basic SugarCRM implementation.

Well, one day (and company/industry/region) at a time, so they say…

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