Posted in May 2008

More Evidence of the Power of the “Social Customer”

When Paul Greenberg gave some great talks at recent SugarCRM events, he talked about the power that the consumer’s voice holds in the web 2.0 era. He makes some nice examples of the “Dell Hell” fiasco and some other episodes where one person can cause a lot of trouble for a brand with a little … Continue reading

Enterprise 2.0: A Bewildering Technology

Despite steady growth, a new study by AIIM on Enterprise 2.0 technologies concludes that businesses are struggling to understand its benefits, and thus, how best to leverage it as part of a cohesive business strategy/technology. With nearly three out of four respondents stating they have only “vague familiarity” with 2.0 technology, it’s clear that this … Continue reading

Bad Call Centers – What’s the Real Problem?

I just read an article on about the decline of quality in call centers over the last 10 years. Why is this the case? I mean, if CRM products are getting simpler to use, and less expensive, the call center numbers should be on the upswing right? Not necessarily. As we all know, a … Continue reading 2.0…Ala Siebel

Joshua Greenbaum, a personnel favorite of mine, wrote a great blog today on some of the emerging trends we’re seeing in the CRM market today, particularly with and CRM 2.0. I’ve always been a big history buff, partially because I’m a dork when it comes to history but more because it provides perspective on … Continue reading

SaaS’ Continuing Evolution

I’ve come across some additional commentary on our recent release of Data Center Edition (DCE) that I thought highlighted some great points about SaaS’ continuing evolution. As Timothy Hickernell, a senior analyst with Info-Tech Research Group has noted, in addition to giving our partners the ability to serve as a solutions provider, DCE will allow … Continue reading

Sugar DCE – People are Getting It…

Before any release I’ve been part of for SugarCRM, I’ve wondered if people will get the message. I mean, I am a fast talking, ridiculous analogy-making east coaster…so, a lot of what I say can be lost in translation. But the media and analysts I’ve been talking to this week around the DCE beta release … Continue reading

Getting Paid to Quit Your CSR Job?

I’ve always been a fan of businesses that put customer service first, and thus, understand the worth of customer lifetime value, but even I was taken back by this one. Zappos, a Web-based retailer, is actually testing the commitment of their call center agents by offering them full compensation and a $1,000 bonus upon completion … Continue reading

From Multi-Tenant to Multi-Instance…

The limitations presented by the current multi-tenant SaaS model…scalability, customizations, and integrations…have been well documented. While the growth around these applications has never been stronger, the buzz around SaaS has begun to top off, as customers are increasingly concerned about how to integrate these solutions with multiple internal applications and how best to customize these … Continue reading