Data Security and Flexibility Equals Piece of Mind

I just spoke with a European customer of SugarCRM today about their deployment of Sugar Professional. The customer, a European telecommunications provider, spoke heavily about the importance that data, and data migration between applications and an underlining infrastructure, plays in any CRM initiative.

The company, which used an ad hoc collection of systems for its customer service, relies heavily on a data warehousing solution to transfer records and customer data between its service center and its CRM solution for sales and marketing. As their senior analyst described to me, the selection and implementation boiled down to the ability of the new application to import that data securely and correctly…”giving us piece of mind.” This paying point was critical, as it would determine the success that management and analysts would have in querying and analyzing the proper data.

For them, the choice was easy, SugarCRM. And as my colleague describes below, these necessities also almost entirely eliminated any chances that a SaaS offering would be selected.

The old adage that “data is the lifeblood of any CRM solution” certainly spoke volumes for this customer, but also speaks volumes to the fact that businesses require flexibility when it comes to deployment options, whether it is on-site or on-demand…or a combination of both.