Microsoft Purchasing Facebook: Another Yahoo! or Recognition of Web 2.0?

So it seems Microsoft is considering a purchase of Facebook. Coming off its recently-abandoned Yahoo purchase, I’m skeptical if such an acquisition would give Microsoft the sufficient boost to its online efforts to make the deal worthwhile.

But one reason why I find the merger intriguing is because the purchase would be more than just a consumer networking acquisition for Microsoft. It would be a great way for Microsoft to leverage consumer networking solutions to enhance employee communications and collaboration within their business offerings.

The pendulum has shifted back in favor of the consumer, and Web 2.0 is to thank. For all the developments we’ve seen within the CRM industry, such as the maturation of the Web and software-as-a-service, the customer is still the king. What has been seen as a means of managing customer data in order to understand them is now viewed as a vital two-way link between customers and vendors centered on the overall customer experience. CRM is all about incorporating customer experience management in conjunction with consumers.

The purchase of Facebook would be a big-time validation by Microsoft (which as usual, has been slow to the game) of Web 2.0 and a great opportunity to offer its millions of desktop consumers the opportunity to exploit this emerging trend.

Yet once again, it seems the biggest roadblock for Microsoft is Microsoft itself, as Facebook enthusiasts aren’t exactly jazzed, including If Facebook sells to Microsoft, We’re Leaving and Don’t Sell Facebook to Microsoft.

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