LA Bound…Pondering the SugarCRM Value Proposition

Just about to hop a plane to Los Angeles area for two CRM Acceleration events…it will be good to get two chances to meet with prospects and learn more about how people come to know SugarCRM and what they expect.

One thing I have seen, which I like to see, is that more and more new customers (even very small organizations) are asking about highly customized processes. This is big. Five years ago, no small business would even know that a) there were robust CRM options for their price range and b) a CRM suite could be customized within an SMB budget range.

But a lot has changed, and the balance of power is shifting towards the customer more and more. CRM systems must change to meet these demands. We are even seeing SAP, Oracle and other CRM vendors talk more about flexibility and customization – more so than ever. I’m not sure how they will back these promises up with low TCO, high ROI products in the real world, but at least they are recognizing that the new world order of software, led by open source and SaaS and other factors – is here to stay.

I’ll be sharing some of my experiences at the Acceleration events over the next few days…