Catching my Breath After a GREAT Two Days in the SugarCRM Trenches

Phew…the past two days were exhausting, lightning-paced, but also an amazing time for Team Sugar in that we had some grat face time with our customers and some very interesting prospects.

In the commercial open source model, we are fortunate enough to have a very transparent product which allows us to acquire customers quickly and in a much more efficient manner. And unless those customers have a support issue, we may never actually hear their voice or see them face to face. That is why our CRM Acceleration events (the next one is in a month in Boston, FYI…) are so great for us. It allows people like myself, with a marketing role, to get to hear customer wish-lists, what they love about SugarCRM, and most of all, why they chose us over the 3936493623545 other CRM tools out in the market.

I want to take a second to especially thank Austin Sheppard at Wireless Capital Partners – this guy rocks. He has a real handle on what SugarCRM is all about, and really understands what it takes to make a CRM initiative a success. Also, Bassim Hamadeh from University Readers (and his crew) were great to talk with as well. These guys made a very successful transfer from Community Edition to Professional Edition, and like Austin, are excited about the possibilities that the 5.0 platform and new functionality in 5.1 will bring to their organization.

All in all, the events this week were awesome, and I’m already looking forward to the great times we’ll have with our extended family in Boston next month…