Random CRM-ish Thoughts on a Friday…

After such a crazy week with the CRM Acceleration events, I am playing catch up on so much stuff here at Sugar HQ that I need a break for a second to blab about some cool things I’ve come across in  my usual scanning of the blogosphere…

Nicholas Carr noted that the economy in Zimbabwe is less than stable, with inflation running so amuck that they now have a $250,000 bill. (Yes, that’s two hundred and fifty million)

He notes in his blog that the price of a beer actually went up for one person while they were drinking at a bar. I think anyone who has ever gone from having a beer in the US then stops in at their first pub of the day in London has a similar experience…

But could you imagine an establishment in America changing their prices without notice? I mean, there are some companies that just don’t get it when it comes to CRM, but ordering a drink at one price and having it be delivered at another is insanity.

And now for something completely different…

In other mildly related CRM news – RIM will be releasing a very cool new Blackberry this summer.  It has a lot of cool features and looks like this:

Hmmm, does the sleek design and brushed metal back look familiar?

As iBerry as this looks, I still hope I can get one to use to demo the new SugarCRM 5.1 mobile features that are presently in beta.

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