Comcast Bucks the Outsourcing Trend

I just came across a great example of a company that’s bucking the call center outsourcing trend. Comcast, in response to burgeoning demand from the Arab-American community, is opening its first bilingual service center today to serve its Arabic speaking customers. You can check it out here.

The facility, which is located in Dearborn, Michigan, will use locally-hired citizens for service agents to serve a population that relies on Internet and digital voice functions to communicate with relatives and conduct business in the Middle East.

I liked this announcement for two reasons. Besides showing the diversity and capabilities that call centers are going to be expected to meet in the coming years, this was a deal that could have easily gone to an outsourcing company based in India or another part of Asia, given the region’s multilingual population. I’m always a big fan of a company that places customer service over cost cutting. Comcast decided to stay in North America, probably ensuring improved customer service as a result, and even better, providing jobs for a region of the country that’s suffered severely in recent years thanks to the economic downturn.