Everyone in Your Company Can Benefit from Sales Training

My team here at SugarCRM is responsible for putting together our semi-annual sales training events. They’re actually pretty cool, and more important, the sales teams actually get into the training.

And it made me think – really, anyone can benefit from learning how to sell their company’s product or service. Think about it, how many times have you heard about a prospect calling in to the wrong department. If that person is not directly routed to a sales agent, that opportunity can dry up, quickly.

But if everyone in your company has a handle on a) what your company does or makes and b) can qualify that potential lead and know how to make sure it is followed up on – then everyone is part of the sales team. Moreover, the prospect’s first experience with your company is positive, and the rest of his interactions are consistent with that messaging and overall experience.

I don’t think everyone should carry a quota (I personally could never hack it as a pure sales rep I’m sure) but insuring that anyone (and I mean ANYONE) in your organization can give a basic elevator pitch will result in higher overall satisfaction ratings with prospects and customers…I am sure of it.