Some Cool New SugarCRM Stuff…Soon!

I’ve been handling analyst and press pre-briefs this week for a new announcement we are making tomorrow. It is VERY cool stuff…really. It’s awesome…but I can’t talk about it…yet.

What we will be announcing takes SugarCRM into a new area, so to speak. And I think we are the first software vendor of our kind to do anything like this. But…I can’t tell you what that is, yet.

This will be game changing…

This will expand Sugar’s reach in multiple ways…

This will empower our customers and partners in new ways…

BUT – I can’t reveal what it is… just… yet…

I know, I know…BORING! Just spill it already, right?

But, I encourage people to email or comment and guess at what we’re doing – if you’re feeling like a sleuth today…


I’ll let you know if you’re hot or cold 😉

(Hint – look at my category tags for clues)

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