From Multi-Tenant to Multi-Instance…

The limitations presented by the current multi-tenant SaaS model…scalability, customizations, and integrations…have been well documented. While the growth around these applications has never been stronger, the buzz around SaaS has begun to top off, as customers are increasingly concerned about how to integrate these solutions with multiple internal applications and how best to customize these applications for multiple instances.

It’s why here at SugarCRM we adopted a multi-instance architecture to support our on-demand offering, and it’s why today we announced SugarCRM Data Center Edition (DCE).

You can read more about it here, but in a nutshell, DCE comes in two versions: Enterprise and Partner. The enterprise version of SugarCRM DCE will let customers tailor and manage instances for different business units, while the partner version will enable partners to more easily customize SugarCRM based on users’ needs and resell it in on-demand form.

It’s been the next generation of SaaS architectures that’s allowing for Web-based platforms, cloud computing, mashups and sandboxes, and composite applications that are allowing developers to design, build, and customize SaaS solutions like never before, and that’s exactly what SugarCRM is aiming for with DCE, by providing an open source business software platform that will allow partners and larger companies to build a foundation for expansion.