Unveiling SugarCRM’s Latest Masterpiece – Data Center Edition

So, we are now public with Sugar Data Center Edition or DCE. I’m really stoked on how this will affect our channel strategy, and help some of our big enterprise customers.

What is DCE you ask? Good question.

DCE is essentially a packaged version of the next generation SaaS platform we built internally…so it is essentially SaaS in a box. We have created a SaaS application systems monitoring and management infrastructure that can be productized and utilized by both our partners and large enterprise accounts to a number of game-changing ends.

Partners, on the one hand, will be able to manage dozens (or more) of verticalized, localized (any other type of “ized”) versions of SugarCRM from a single deployment and management console. There are tools in DCE to Create, Manage, Monitor and Report on what amounts to a unique multi-instance Sugar environemnt run by partners and enterprises.

This allows our partners to become SaaS providers in their own right, and provide end users great vertical and other custom CRM experiences in an on demand fashion, in a way not previously available to channel partners of any CRM provider.

For example, a partner in Europe – take Sugar partner Centurio for example – can sell, deploy and manage multiple language versions of Sugar for multiple verticals, all from one single console. This makes for more efficient, streamlined yet highly customized Sugar On-Demand versions offered by Centurio – and the customer receives the same high level of performance and customization capabilities through our partner as they would if they deployed Sugar On-Demand directly through Sugar. SugarCRM is empowering our partners in a way that no other SaaS provider (read: multi-tenant) can at this time.

For large and complex enterprises, DCE allows companies with global departments to ditch the old model of deploying multiple versions of what amounts to the same application (with some slight local or departmental changes) on multiple servers around the globe. Now, with DCE, enterprises have one data center than hosts ALL of their Sugar versions, centrally managed and monitored. (Think of it – instead of having 10 IT managers for each Sugar deployment at 10 different divisions – you can have just one managing all of them using DCE – that could amount to a SEVEN-FIGURE cost savings per year alone! And we haven’t even gotten into hardware reduction savings…)

DCE really is a major innovation for SugarCRM, and SaaS in general. It changes the way people will see SaaS -moving from a monolithic multi-tenant model that allows for little customization or channel opportunity into a more fluid model where partners can own the SaaS delivery and help provide a consistent experience of robust, customizable and flexible CRM.

At SugarCRM, we tend to be a bit different, and like to change entrenched business models. We helped to redefine how entities build, sell and deploy software – and we’re continuing to shake things up in the SaaS world with DCE.

And we are just getting started…