Getting Paid to Quit Your CSR Job?

I’ve always been a fan of businesses that put customer service first, and thus, understand the worth of customer lifetime value, but even I was taken back by this one.

Zappos, a Web-based retailer, is actually testing the commitment of their call center agents by offering them full compensation and a $1,000 bonus upon completion of a four-week training course. If they take the money, they know they weren’t fully committed to handling the riggers of working in a 24/7 call center.

Is Zappos really pulling in enough profit that they can afford to waste money on training and bonuses for employees who never actually work a day for them? If they are, kudos to them, because this is perhaps the ultimate commitment to customer service I’ve ever heard of. Customer service has always been a delicate balance between providing first-rate service and keeping down the costs of the cash-cow that call centers are.

I’ve taken enough tours of call centers to know what a hellish job being a service representative can be, and to be perfectly frank, I’d probably take the money and run. That said, I’m interested to gather our readers’ thoughts on this one. Feel free to chime in with whether you agree or disagree with Zappos’ policy.